Our Farm Partners

farmers that share our vision & commitment

It is our goal at The Pastoral Pig to bring you the healthiest, most nutritious & delicious meats possible. This means we only work with carefully selected farmers that share our vision and commitment. Animals at these farms live a life as nature intended – free to roam outside with access to sun and fresh air – and eating a healthy diet of grass and natural feeds.

We are honored to consider as our partners some of the following farms:

Hardwick Beef

Upstate New York

Grass-fed beef

Purely Farm

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Pastured pork
Pastured turkey

Agrestic Acres

Great Meadows, New Jersey

Pastured chicken
Pastured pork

Stryker Farm

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Organic & pastured chicken
Organic & pastured eggs
Pastured lamb
Grass-fed (grain finished) beef

Oak Stone Farm

Stockton, New Jersey

Pastured lamb
Pastured sheep
244 Route 206, Flanders, NJ